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FREE music lessons vol. 2

2017-03-06 12:44:20 by Norato

Starting this day, I will willing to give free lessons to people interested in music of almost any kind of electronic genre. If you liked any of my song and wonder, how did I do it, feel free to ask. I can send you some FLP so you can see it for yourself.

I use FL studio 12 as DAW.

For plugins I use Vallhala room a lot, Sylenth1, 3xOsc usually for Sub bass only, Nexus for some cinematic / ambient sounds and for that sweet piano. Than some FL plugins for mastering like Maximus.

Feel free to send me a message here if you are interested.

Best luck in your creations!

It all begin with my old pc going to ruins, and all my created-presets I used a lot was gone. 

All chord samples,leads, bass n plucks were just gone and I had nothing. Creating all own created sounds IS a possibility while makeing track ofcourse, but I use A LOT of instruments in my tracks. And how do you want to recreate piano or other instruments in synths ? It´s possible but  hell´o hard !

So I decided I will download some sound packs and see what I could use and what is garbage. It turned out I really liked some of the sounds and RE-SHAPED them to my own picture.

I still really dont like people makeing songs only from samples. Sound deasign is part of composer life ( If we are talking electroic music). A lot of famous artist like Deorro, Avicii, Martin Garrix are using samples A LOT, and they are still very popular. Even by me. So I guess it really doesnt make that much of a difference.

Thanks for reading
Tomáš Petrlík

So there´s a new jam created by Jacklehamster. If you are looking for a game / sound deasigner, be sure to check that out :)

Peace out friends

New art submisions

2014-11-25 09:03:57 by Norato

Since now, you guys will be able to check out my creation here, on NG :)

I just deleted that audio file becouse it would be very comfusing. It just didnt fit at all to the original track even tho it sounded very nice. I cutted and re-edited it a LOT tho, so its still in the track but completly different. Full track will be finished soon I hope, probably tommorow.


Thanks for you support and see ya later :)

So, after years of composing & Sound design I finnaly found something I can really sing my teets in. And guys, I think I will stay up with complextro genre. Especialy mixed up with my main genre - Progressive house.

I´ve got some sick tracks going on right now, so keep tuned ;)

And at last, about the nickname change... I did that due to copyrights n stuff. Also, I found out that Norato is a last name of some family in Mexico :D Soo not the best choice. Anyway I didnt wanted to change it a lot so since now I will upload my songs under -- NOR4TO -- ( Yep, inspired be deadmau5 :D ).

Thanks for listening guys and have a nice day ;)

So I finally finished Voice track. It´s one of my longest track yet but don´t worry, it doesnt get overlooped or something :D U can check out the project picture below.

Also, I decided to GIVE AWAY few sounds I made soon to talented composers, wich are not that good at sound design yet. Most of the sounds I made I use only once for a current song wich they were design for, so I have A LOT of sounds I will probably newer use again. SOoo if u want some cool new sounds, let me know and I can send you some !

Most of the sounds are made in basic FL plugins ( FL keys, 3xOsc, Wasp, Sytrus) and some others in Massice ( Mostly chords and leads )

New 8 min club track released + possible sound packs

Summer´s here!

2013-07-19 09:24:42 by Norato

Hi guys,

for some time, I will stop upload new tracks until I finished what I started ( Morality, Epix, etc.. )
so I will leave you guys for a while leaving Redafted (Loop) and When we first met as my last songs for now. But dont worry, as I said, I just need some freetime and finish what I started first.

Also, Electric seduction is finally released and you can find whole EP on Voltage square FB page or on SC.

I hope you would enjoy summer as much as I do :)

And one last thing. Dont spend whole day on pc, live is too short for this ;)

Have a great time, thanks EVERYONE for support and bye for now ;)

Tomas Petrlik


2012-06-26 15:16:55 by Norato

ok guys, I really DIDNT expect that many people would care about my leaveing, I must say I really appreciate it :) and to the point > I officialy decided to STAY here on NG becouse of you guys.

Since today I will try to upload the songs I didnt upload here yet. I said try becouse I always had problems with uploading songs here, on NG. Actually some of my friends were doing it for me :)

Becouse I still have uploading problems ( probably becouse of low upload internet speed ) it will take some time to finish up what I didnt upload here. SO far, you can hear all my released songs on my youtube channel and soon, even here with free download.

*Also, this was not a trick to get more attention, really guys. I was honestly going to leave NG and didnt expect that.

New song + Why am I going to quit NG.

2012-06-24 09:45:20 by Norato
Updated ee

So these are my TOP 10 reasons why I am leaving NG for now

1) too many haters
2) too many noobs getting to the top charts
3) stupid ranking system
4) no way to get any fans - no subscribe button, only ,,fan,, system, wich is pretty much useless becouse most of new stuff will not show to you anyway.
5) permanent creative common licence
7) Mostly games and animation portal
8) Becouse of people that newer made any song but still giving you useless advices even when they know nothing about music
9) becouse of people that vote 0 even when they didnt heard your song, doing it only to be in front of you > 2)
10 ) People dont appreciate what you are doing for them, they really dont give a shit, also there are too many people uploading new and new songs every day, so there is just so many songs that you can even find the good ones.

THANKS everyone for support here, on NG. You can still contact me on my youtube profile or Skype if you would need any advice or just want to chat with me.