Summer´s here!

2013-07-19 09:24:42 by Norato

Hi guys,

for some time, I will stop upload new tracks until I finished what I started ( Morality, Epix, etc.. )
so I will leave you guys for a while leaving Redafted (Loop) and When we first met as my last songs for now. But dont worry, as I said, I just need some freetime and finish what I started first.

Also, Electric seduction is finally released and you can find whole EP on Voltage square FB page or on SC.

I hope you would enjoy summer as much as I do :)

And one last thing. Dont spend whole day on pc, live is too short for this ;)

Have a great time, thanks EVERYONE for support and bye for now ;)

Tomas Petrlik


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2015-03-26 18:45:59

I can see it now 84 fans commenting here.