New 8 min club track released + possible sound packs

2013-08-16 07:18:57 by Norato

So I finally finished Voice track. It´s one of my longest track yet but don´t worry, it doesnt get overlooped or something :D U can check out the project picture below.

Also, I decided to GIVE AWAY few sounds I made soon to talented composers, wich are not that good at sound design yet. Most of the sounds I made I use only once for a current song wich they were design for, so I have A LOT of sounds I will probably newer use again. SOoo if u want some cool new sounds, let me know and I can send you some !

Most of the sounds are made in basic FL plugins ( FL keys, 3xOsc, Wasp, Sytrus) and some others in Massice ( Mostly chords and leads )

New 8 min club track released + possible sound packs


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2013-08-16 08:02:59

I'd like some sounds? :D Can i have some?

Norato responds:

I´ll check out some of your work and contact you soon ;)


2013-08-22 11:00:32

hehh most automations are channel volume, or cutoff.. why?
and how long does it take to finish a random track you do? :)

Norato responds:

well, I dont to usual mastering. I master sounds in progress to highlight some sound in some part and still remain them silent in other parts.


2015-03-26 18:45:36

fucking lame