The day when I started using samples more

2015-09-30 02:16:10 by Norato

It all begin with my old pc going to ruins, and all my created-presets I used a lot was gone. 

All chord samples,leads, bass n plucks were just gone and I had nothing. Creating all own created sounds IS a possibility while makeing track ofcourse, but I use A LOT of instruments in my tracks. And how do you want to recreate piano or other instruments in synths ? It´s possible but  hell´o hard !

So I decided I will download some sound packs and see what I could use and what is garbage. It turned out I really liked some of the sounds and RE-SHAPED them to my own picture.

I still really dont like people makeing songs only from samples. Sound deasign is part of composer life ( If we are talking electroic music). A lot of famous artist like Deorro, Avicii, Martin Garrix are using samples A LOT, and they are still very popular. Even by me. So I guess it really doesnt make that much of a difference.

Thanks for reading
Tomáš Petrlík


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2015-10-15 04:19:26

once made a track almost completely out of the samples from those "special sounds" and "melody kits" folders you get sometimes. shitty stuff, but it was fun making the track, turned out pretty wacky