I am complextro-guy now! Ou and I also again changeing my nickname...

2013-09-26 07:48:24 by Norato

So, after years of composing & Sound design I finnaly found something I can really sing my teets in. And guys, I think I will stay up with complextro genre. Especialy mixed up with my main genre - Progressive house.

I´ve got some sick tracks going on right now, so keep tuned ;)

And at last, about the nickname change... I did that due to copyrights n stuff. Also, I found out that Norato is a last name of some family in Mexico :D Soo not the best choice. Anyway I didnt wanted to change it a lot so since now I will upload my songs under -- NOR4TO -- ( Yep, inspired be deadmau5 :D ).

Thanks for listening guys and have a nice day ;)


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2013-09-26 08:22:03

Nice lol. Ask Wade fulp to change your newgrounds name :)

Norato responds:

Thanks for the tip, but I dont think that he will bother to change just one latter into number :D But I will try ;)


2013-09-26 08:29:33

I think he does! Well at least he changed my name from atommusik to ralaiyx3 but thats a huge difference than your name change indeed. ;)


2013-10-01 10:50:13

Not a name change on the account then? A nice day to you too!

Norato responds:

Later maybe


2013-10-16 09:02:16

sing your teets in?
i actually wasnt aware of the singing voice you might have lol..
why wont you let us hear your singing voice then?