Entry #24

FREE music lessons vol. 2

2017-03-06 12:44:20 by Norato

Starting this day, I will willing to give free lessons to people interested in music of almost any kind of electronic genre. If you liked any of my song and wonder, how did I do it, feel free to ask. I can send you some FLP so you can see it for yourself.

I use FL studio 12 as DAW.

For plugins I use Vallhala room a lot, Sylenth1, 3xOsc usually for Sub bass only, Nexus for some cinematic / ambient sounds and for that sweet piano. Than some FL plugins for mastering like Maximus.

Feel free to send me a message here if you are interested.

Best luck in your creations!


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2017-03-07 02:49:55

I would like to learn the whole mixing side of it, since I know I am musically sound but...... cannot get the wall of sound I would like.

Norato responds:

Than try to EQ your sounds more, cut the low freq. where they are not needed (Chords, leads, offleads, etc.)

Also, use Compressors on sounds, that are playing together.

At the end, dont be afraid to use Multicompresor or Maximus on MASTER channel ;)


2017-03-07 11:32:09

I might try out a test piece and try put it to practice...